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The tally number is an indication of the number of different Ladybird titles published so far.

Compare your books tally number with the following tally table: 100-1963 160-1966 220-1968 260-1969 320-1973 370-1974 120-1965 170-1966 225-1968 270-1970 330-1973 135-1965 190-1967 230-1969 280-1970 340-1973 140-1965 200-1967 240-1969 290-1971 350-1974 150-1966 210-1968 250-1969 300-1972 360-1974 Ladybird books were designed to be affordable to the masses.

The year 1848 brought to our shores those thousands of political refugees who belonged to the most educated of the German nation.

About the same time a number of Germans established themselves near Frederick, Maryland, and between South Mountain and the Conococheague.

They were settled on the Hudson (Rhinebeck, Germantown, Newburgh, West Camp, Saugerties, etc.), whence many afterwards removed to the Schoharie Valley (Blenheim, Oberweiser, Dorp, Brunnen Dorp, etc.); the Government, however, refused to recognize their title to the Schoharie lands, and some of them at last migrated in disgust to the Mohawk Valley, where their increase and the stream of German immigration that followed made the Mohawk "for thirty miles, a German river" (Mannheim, Oppenheim, Newkirk, German Flats, Herkimer, etc.).


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