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Pastor Zell's email is Pastor [email protected] and Carolyn Alexander Moegerle, maintaining significant evidence supported by Biblical witnesses, charge Dr.

James Dobson Founder of Focus On The Family with gross injustices violating civil laws, God's principles, and the Church. This is not the forum to judge the merits of Dobson's and the Alexander-Moegerle's dispute.

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Dr dobson ten steps in dating

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!

You give a tenth of your spices-mint, dill and cummin.

Its etymology is uncertain but James Dobson brought it into the evangelical vernacular in the early 1990s or thereabouts with his twelve stages of physical intimacy (see here) which included a line that unmarried couples should not traverse. Christian culture enjoys clear cut plans and handy guidelines in order to know at which point God goes from happy (not sinning) to furrowed brow (sinning).

Unfortunately for the enterprise of petting, both varieties are disallowed in all evangelical contexts.

Failed attempts to resolve the intensifying disputes led Alexander-Moegerle to seek biblical reconciliation through the Christian Legal Society.


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