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Premature ejaculation, on the other hand, is when a guy can’t stop himself from ejaculating shortly after penetration.

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Along with avoiding talking about yourself, don’t bring an air of gloom, doom, or super-seriousness to the conversation when you do talk to the guy about it. “Don’t have the conversation in the bedroom,” says Morse. Another tip is to do it when you’re in the car or walking the dog—it’s a sensitive topic, so giving them the option not to make eye contact can be a big relief and make the conversation go smoother.” Your tone and vibe matters more than what you actually say, but your message should be something along the lines of, “What happened last night was no big deal!

I’ve heard a lot of guys struggle with this, so maybe it’s worth having a doctor check it out.” In young men, odds are the problem has psychological roots, says sex therapist Laurie Watson, LMFT, host of the podcast FOREPLAY: Radio Sex Therapy.

When it comes to awkward sex scenarios, dealing with bodily malfunctions is up there with condom breakage and being walked in on unexpectedly.

But it has the potential to be even worse, actually, because there are often some pretty complicated emotions that come along with physical SNAFUs in bed.

You know it and he knows it, but the question of how to it remains.


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