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Instead, Mitch Conner appears again, posing once more as Jennifer Lopez. She wears a long white skirt, a gray formal shirt with a white collar, a white woman's business coat, and a large white hat with a pearl trimming.

She has a plethora of jewelry on consisting of several gold necklaces, a pearl necklace, several gold rings with jewels, a pearl wrist band, and emerald earring.

Her accessories include, a white purse with a gold chain handle, white glasses, a pink fur scarf, and a white poodle with an emerald and gold necklace of its own. She also wears make-up consisting of pink lipstick and teal eye shadow.

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The police, record executives, Ben Affleck and the boys all chase after the two Lopezes, and Cartman, and are shocked to discover that the new Jennifer Lopez is, in fact, a con-artist named "Mitch Conner".

Mitch kills himself with a suicide pill, however Lopez does not return to her music career.

After years of success as a recording star, actress and other artistic fields, Jennifer Lopez develops a raging ego and unstable temper, which begins to bother the record executives of her record label.