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Like the contractor-style saw, it's still light enough to move around (it weighs approximately 286 lbs. The fence on this machine is also a hybrid of some of the best features we've had on table saws in the last 30 years.

It has the easy lift-off and simple adjustability of the popular T-shape Shop Fox Classic fence, the rock-solid front locking ability of the Shop Fox Original fence, and the accessory T-slots of the Shop Fox Aluma-Classic fence.

Can't believe I didn't replace my old saw a long time ago.

The price is what attracted me although I was worried at first, but wow what a deal.

It's not a 3000.00 dollar saw but if your not running a cabinet shop save the money you'll be impressed. Spending nearly 1000 on a table Saw is not that easy for me financially.


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