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Her stormy 20-year marriage to co-star Desi Arnaz ended in divorce in 1960, and a year later she married comedian Gary Morton while taking charge of huge Desilu Productions. He’d been on tour with his band since he got out of the Army, and we were in our 11th year of marriage and wanted to have children. Bette Midler’s style is so much broader than mine, but I enjoy her. Knowing how honest and adorable and vulnerable she is, I’m shocked that she goes overboard that much in concert. My idea of getting high was a Coca-Cola and an aspirin. I’m allergic to morphine, Percodan, codeine—I can’t take any of those things because they work in reverse. In 1967 Lucy sold Desilu to Gulf & Western for million, rode out a movie bomb Mame, and endured the rocky maturing of her daughter, Lucie, and son, Desi Jr. But didn’t comedy help you even when you were a Goldwyn Girl? The first time I was around marijuana I wondered why someone was passing me this cigarette he had just smoked.

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So you will find people here who’re looking for relaxed dating or just getting to know people.

There are also Indians looking for marriage as well, if that’s what you’re seeking.

On your profile page you get possible matches according to your criteria.

One thing we find outstanding is that they try to educate members about scammers and how to protect themselves against them.

But you can also access the Shaadi UK site if you prefer.