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In this lesson, we will learn all about radioactive isotopes and their uses.

Before we go into discussing radioactive isotopes, let's recall what an isotope is. It has a nucleus made up of protons and neutrons with electrons around the nucleus.

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The good news is the irradiated food doesn't come into direct contact with the radioactive isotope, so the food won't be radioactive.

Do you ever notice when you buy paper that the thickness is uniform?

These are installed in various areas inside our homes and go off when there is too much smoke. It is because inside a smoke detector unit, there is a small amount of a radioactive isotope called Americium-241.

Radioactive isotopes also play their part in research. This uses the carbon-14 radioactive isotope, which is valuable for archaeologists.

Have you also ever wondered how people know where oil wells should be drilled?