Dealing with intimidating managers

C&Ds, as the kids who have mountains of law school debt like to call them, are the first written smackdown in a potential lawsuit.As the first written smackdown, the author wants to include every detail, factoid and legal citation that might work in his favor.Lawyers aren’t mind readers and you may want a totally different result than the last client did.

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If the dispute is about a website, find and print a copy of the website; locate the wayback machine version of the website if it’s been taken down.

If it’s about payments that were or weren’t paid, print out ledgers or account statements showing the payments or lack thereof.

So they cite laws and court opinions that support their view of what’s happening. The opinion is the result of a court case and is the judge’s determination of how the laws at issue are properly interpreted in such situations. Rather than creatively rephrase those elements, attorneys regurgitate the legal language word-for-word like a Mama bird. But before you call just any attorney, do some homework. Another option is contacting your state Bar organization and asking about their referral program.

C&D Factory cites those laws and legal opinions in hopes of convincing you and your attorney that the law is on its side. It might sound stupid to normal people, but it helps make sure other lawyers know exactly what’s being claimed. : read through the letter and do your best to figure out what kind of law the author is talking about. Many Bars (they kind lawyers pass, not the kind they drink at) have programs where attorneys agree to take cases on for a discount or offer a free evaluation.

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