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“We thought a multi-channel Leap Day campaign featuring a real life story would be a fun way to showcase one of our successful couples and our point of difference,” said Tracy Kobzeff, senior director of acquisition and product marketing at e notifications as part of a marketing campaign was a new — and highly successful — tactic for e Harmony.

How they integrated it as part of their multi-channel marketing strategy holds some ideas for any brand.

We do this by teaching Martial Arts on international seminars worldwide, and by making opportunities for our members to train Martial Arts with high level masters in Okinawa and on the seminars in other countries there we will teach.

There are also oppurtunity on our seminars to make a grading test from the beginner to the black belts and get an international certification and diploma for your knowledge in Martial Arts up to highest instructor- and master levels, signed by our Special advisors.

Stalk social media Honestly, was Facebook invented for any other reason than to stalk the hell out of your next date?