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It was not a monk-artisan who made this Kannon at the impulse of piety.

Rather, it was produced by professional designers employed by a company in Japan's flourishing religious-goods industry.” Sanskrit = Pāṇḍaravāsinī Avalokitêśvara Chinese = Báiyī Guānyīn Korean = Baeg-ui Gwaneum 백의관음Also written 白處觀音 or 白衣大士Transliterated as 半拏囉嚩悉寧 and 伴陀羅縛Sanskrit Seed Pronounced SA サ in Japan Shingon Mantra (ご真言)おん しべいていでい はんだらばしに そわかOn Shibeiteidei Handarabashini Sowaka Painting of Byakue Kannon13th-14th Century H = 100.3 cm, W = 41.4 cm Photo: Nara National Museum White-Robed Kannon. Photo at Right: White-Robed Kannon in Ōfuna, Japan. Work on this statue began in 1934, but the outbreak of WWII halted its construction, which began again after the war and was completed in 1961.

The Kannon Notebook is an ongoing project aimed at scholars, art historians, practitioners, and laity alike. (Horse Headed)Byakue Kannon (White Robed)Esoteric (Tantric) Forms of Kannon Feminized Forms of Kannon Fudarakusen (Kannon’s Paradise)Fukūkenjaku (Never Empty Lasso)Guze Kannon (Prince Shōtoku)Gyoran Kannon (Fish Basket)Hatakiri Kannon (Cloth Ripping)Henge Kannon (Esoteric Forms)Hitokoto Kannon (One Prayer)Jibo Kannon (Loving Mother)Juntei Kannon (Mother of All Deities)Jūichimen Kannon (Eleven-Headed)33 Forms of Kannon)Senchū Yūgen Kannon (Calms Raging Sea)Senju Kannon (1000 Armed)Shō Kannon (Sacred, Non-Esoteric)Six Kannon (Esoteric)Suigetsu Kannon (Water-Moon)Tara Bosatsu (Female Manifestation)Yakuō Kannon (Medicine King)Yōkihi Kannon (Feminine Ideal)Yōryū Kannon (Willow Kannon) Yume-Chigai Kannon (Dream Changer)Yumedono Kannon (Guze Kannon)28 Legions Serving Kannon Amida Triad (Kannon)Kannon Photo Tour Kannon Photo Tour (Asuka)Kannon Pilgrimage Kamakura Kannon Pilgrimages Nationwide Kannon Statues e Store Maria Kannon (Christianity)Objects / Symbols / Weapons Patrons of Motherhood11-Headed Kannon, Wood Hokkeji Temple 法華寺, Nara, H = 100 cm, First Half 9th Century Holds water jar containing Jōsui 浄水,a miraculous elixir that relieves thethirst of devotees; aurole depictslotus buds and lotus leaves. 20, 2005Nine-Headed Kannon Kumen Kannon 九面観音, 8th century. National Treasure Photo: 日本の国宝, #002, March 1997Kannon’s Sanskrit Seed Pronounced SA in Japaneseおん あるりきゃ そわかOn Arurikya Sowaka(also Om Arurikya Sowaka) Kannon’s Shingon Mantra Oṃ Maṇi Padme HuṃLit.

“the jewel in the lotus”Tibetan Mantra for Avalokitêśvara Comes in Many Forms, Many Manifestations. Assists People in Distress in Earthly Realmand in all Six Realms of Karmic Rebirth. Kannon worship remains non-denominational and widespread. Kannon is one of Asia’s and Japan’s most beloved deities.

"Horse-shaped") shrines, which are found all over Japan. She is especially honored by the horse breeders in northern Japan.


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