Dating war veteran

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It’s no coincidence that it was at the Tomb that famed World War I soldier Alvin York in 1941 gave his answer to those who wondered whether war’s continued presence in the world meant that he and his comrades had fought in vain, as TIME reported then.

“People who ask us that question, ‘What did it get you? True, we fought the last war to make the world safe for democracy, and we did for a while,” he says.

From training to respite services, Easterseals makes a profound, positive and life-changing difference in people’s lives every day.

With a long history of service to the veteran community dating back to World War II, Easterseals is a proud Hidden Heroes Elizabeth Dole Foundation partner and offers a wide variety of supports for military caregivers and their families through respite care, inclusive childcare, employment and career services, transportation, behavioral/physical health services and advocacy at the federal and local levels.

For the entire conflict from 2003 to the present, see Iraq conflict (2003–present).