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In the UK in 2012, of the total working population 29.6 million people were employed, there was 8.1% unemployment, and 73.4% without union membership.

The average income was £25,498, and the average working week was 41.4 hours.

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This works through collective bargaining, underpinned by the right to strike, and a growing set of rights of direct workplace participation.

Workers must be able to vote for trustees of their occupational pensions under the Pensions Act 2004.

One sign was the beginning of the more enlightened Truck Acts, dating from 1464, that required that workers be paid in cash and not kind.

In 1772 slavery was declared to be illegal in R v Knowles, ex parte Somersett, The turn into the 19th century coincided with the start of the massive boom in production.

In feudal England, the first significant labour laws followed the Black Death.


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