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This question is exactly why I’m on a dating hiatus at the moment, since I just can’t bring myself to seek out a much older man, or play the cougar.

Following a widespread power outage resulting from a wind storm that ripped through western Washington, several news reports read as follows: “A lot of people ventured out from their own dark apartments in search of food only to find that so many of the local restaurants were closed too.” “Gone were the neon lights as blocks and blocks of Capitol Hill clubs and eateries lost power during the storm.” “One shop still had power, and the manager said hungry customers had been pouring in all night.” “I moved into a new unit and just realized my oven doesn’t work,” “I thought it was gas but I guess it’s electric.” An MSB reader sent me the news report and said, I find it interesting and informative that many of the residents, mostly young 20-30 somethings, didn’t seem to be prepared, and at least one didn’t know whether his stove was electric or gas.

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* Try not to over-analyse a text message; see it as a conversation rather than an essay on a subject.

* Make one key point at a time, rather than a whole host of points in one message.* Focus on how the text makes the other person feel - if you are disappointed by a date bailing on you for the second time, vocalise it.

Years ago when I worked in the SF Bay area I recall the fact that a majority of people had hardly any food under their roofs. Because most all of them would never (hardly ever) eat at home.

They always ate out – usually somewhere in their neighborhood.

What struck me most when reading this was the apparent desperation for a meal: People venturing out in search of food only hours into the power outage.