Dating through the decades

With all of this formality involved, it shouldn’t be surprising that when a date happened, it was clearly a date.There was no confusion about whether or not you were just “hanging out” or if it was something more serious. In fact, if that initial date grew into “going steady,” that meant there was at least some chance you would consider getting married later on.

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Think of the classic grand-parent who refuses to put the heating on and sits with 7 jumpers on like a fluffy goose.

She is very honest and will tell me if my hair is a mess or if my bum looks big in this, thanks granny.

In that way, dating in the 1950s was a lot closer to the courting rituals of historic times, with marriage as the end goal.

Given the cultural revolutions that defined the 1960s, it was a time when your social rules largely depended on where you lived.

On the girl’s side, it was polite to give an immediate answer – no hemming and hawing about it.