Xxx caturika pirris - Dating survey results

Meanwhile, deputy editor Allison Saunders investigates why lovelorn Haligonians so overwhelmingly are playing for keeps when it comes to finding a mate.

We also collected your thoughts on whether Halifax is a good city to be single in, and exposed all the wildest sexual secrets you've never confessed to anyone.

Below we’ve collected some of the dating data and secret sexual confessions that you all so enthusiastically offered.

The full results from the survey our embedded at the bottom of the page for your late-night reading.

The majority of those respondents were under 33, employed and/or professional women who identify as straight.

So, not the most diverse sample, but that's often the case in Halifax.

All of them — from Tinder to Hinge, Ok Cupid to Bumble — are fighting for any advantage that allows them to recruit more users. Remember the rash of think pieces about Millennial “hook-up culture”? When it comes the most popular, most-used dating app, Tinder was the overwhelming favorite.