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‘So to have a topical treatment that works in patients for whom other topicals have failed is absolutely fantastic.

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I would not use it in severe cases where most of the body is covered in lesions because it is a three-part treatment and this makes it impractical.

‘But in cases of plaque psoriasis with symptoms ranging from mild to moderate – which is about 80 per cent of all cases – then I would recommend Soratinex.

Sets, expected to last patients with mild to moderate symptoms between one and three months, retail at £76.50 for small and £121.05 for large.

According to Professor Chu, this compares favourably with traditional hospital-based treatments for severe psoriasis such as such as Ciclosporine, which can cost around £2,000 a year, Methotrexate from £2-300 a year and biologics (cellular treatments grown in the lab) for the most severe cases, which can cost up to £14,000 a year.

In eight earlier trials involving more than 2,000 patients in Europe, that level of success was achieved in 85 per cent of cases.


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