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She must have thought I wasn't interested so she went straight up front and got in line. "Well thank you." She says as she turns a bit red in the face and smiles. She was caught of guard and moved up as the clerk asked her. As I walked out I could see she was letting her dog pee on a tree in the divider in the parking lot. I lean over and put my right hand on her car above her shoulder. "Ok well I could give you my number unless that was an invite back to your place?

I dropped what I was looking at and quickly made my way trying to get right behind her in line without her seeing me until I was there. " She smiles and turns a bit red again as she says.

She had a nice bubble ass and hips but she didn't look over weight at all she just had a perfect ass.

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Her string thong disappeared in between her ass cheeks. I look down at her thighs they are amazing too they are tanned all the way up obviously from a tanning bed. And I'm thinking to my self I can't wait to see how she reacts when she sees my monster cock.

She looks into my eyes smileing just as we kiss again. We make out wildly almost animalistic then we stop and I pull her shirt over her head and off.

Her name was Julie We hooked up almost every day for three weeks the sex was incredible.

I had gained so much confidence and learned so much about not just sex but also myself and my sexual ability.

As I drop her shirt in the floor I notice she is wearing the matching black bra to her thong.