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In Reel Life: Early in the season, Sheryl's watching game film with coach Boone at his house.

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Boone admits, in his DVD commentary, that he was a disciplinarian, but adds that he has a warm side that doesn't come across in the film.

In Reel Life: Coach Tyrell (Brett Rice) takes issue with the idea that Boone could be head coach.

Yoast, in his DVD commentary, says he told producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he wasn't happy with this. I don't like to look like I only have one daughter.' " It didn't matter -- the fiction made it into the film, partly because Sheryl's three sisters said it was fine with them.

Sheryl didn't have a say in it -- she died on May 4, 1996, at 34. In Real Life: "She was not quite the football fanatic they show here," says Yoast in his DVD commentary.

The kids behaved a whole lot better than most of the adults." In Reel Life: Coaches Boone and Yoast meet at the beginning of the film.