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But that’s a surgeon’s saw the man at center is holding, and the original caption says the photo is showing an amputation.Alexander Gardener photographed Lincoln and General Mc Clellan on the Antietam battlefield, October 1862.This remarkable photo of Union soldiers waiting to advance is usually misidentified as being taken during the siege of Petersburg, 1864-1865. But according to James Mc Pherson, it was actually taken a year earlier, before the Chancellorsville campaign.

Inside was a map of the area with some of our favorite places, a day-to-day run of show, and a personal note to our guests.

It was waiting for them in their hotel rooms inside their welcome bags.

It was so much fun and a great way to welcome everyone to Capri!

(We also had our own lemon-adorned wooden license plate placed on the back—a very cute surprise for us! Michael’s is from Van Cleef & Arpels in Aspen, where we met, and I had it engraved with a special note and the date of our wedding. Cynthia Cook Smith made the connection, and Montana created the ring I always wanted as an oval diamond band all around. We couldn’t think of a more wonderful place to start the first day of the weekend than at Da Paolino, which is a restaurant located in a field of lemon trees.

Notice how much taller Lincoln is compared to Mc Clellan and his staff, and also notice Mc Clellan’s strutting pose.