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Not only does our matchmaking service ensure you’re being introduced to people with real relationship potential, our mobile app makes the whole process of dating accessible and easy.

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It combines easy registration and user-friendly design so you can access Elite Singles on your chosen device at any time; this means you have more time for what really matters – dating.

Join Black Cupid today and become a part of the most exciting black dating and black chat network in the USA.

So despite running the company on my own, I have had remarkable success for a small outfit - in the United States, Canada and the UK.

We've now had 270,000 people signup to our match service and have a total of 50,000 active Christian members around the world including US Hispanic, Mexican and black american Christian singles - not bad for a free service!

So you know that the singles you’re in contact with are compatible with both your personality and lifestyle.


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    You can meet some of the regular chatters in our Forum and really become apart of our adult community.

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    If you’re bored of swiping through the riffraff on Tinder and just want to meet a decent human being who has a private jet and a butler (is it too much to ask, really?

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    Because we are constantly evolving, our relationships also go through changes.

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    Nonetheless, the pattern has changed now which time of imprisonment is just a day.