Dating people from other countries

Add to that the cultural differences in communication styles.

People from different cultures can use the same words to convey drastically different meanings, and that just makes this particular obstacle harder to overcome.

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The best way to avoid these difficulties is to have open, honest conversations about what you each expect, what you want from the relationship, as well as what you’re able to give – there’s a good chance that what seems obvious to you won’t have even occurred to your partner.

It’s normal to have doubts about a marriage, but what if you were also moving across the world to a place you don’t know a single person?

In Japan, this means “You should probably get going soon.” Hmm.

Differences in language don’t have to mean the end of a relationship, though.

And it’s starting to sound like your future marriage has gone from an equal partnership to complete dependency? Alright, so maybe it’s not as bad as all that, but it’s one particular slippery slope that’s hard to keep from sliding down.