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Ask them all sorts of interesting questions about themselves like if you could invite four people to dinner regardless of what time in history they lived or died, who would it be and why?Ask them what their number one biggest regret is in life.Some penpals eventually arrange to meet face to face; sometimes leading to serious relationships, or even marriage.

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Chances are youve already seen their picture on the matchmakers web site.

Make up fun questionnaires for each other to fill out.

If youre just looking to get laid, then by all means disregard this article! If youre looking to find that once in a lifetime incredible love, then why not take the extra time to do it right?

Why not agree to write emails back and forth for a while before meeting in person?

When we meet face to face with someone that we are physically attracted to, its human nature to want to speed up the process so that we can get to the really good stuff!