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Toshogu was built in 1617 by the second Tokugawa Shogun, Hidetada as "a simple shrine," to enshrine Ieyasu Tokugawa .

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Yet his achievement did not bring about the exclusion of the ancient native Shintoism, whose shrines remained and stood side by side with Buddhist temples.

Significant as Nikko was, its present fame dates back to comparatively "recent" times, i.e.

"Nikko is Nippon" is the slogan spread on posters throughout this small town in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture.

And, true to the slogan, Nikko is a plain-looking little mountain settlement in which nestles a pay-to-view miracle of cultural achievement.

Nikko is famous for Toshogu, the mausoleum of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and an outstanding cultural legacy of Japan's Edo era.