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Oyate may know Frank, a fellow Tribal member, from his landscaping business – having worked on several District projects in past years and, most recently, for landscaping grounds at Dakota Crossing. has been getting "a lot of calls for people running out of propane." He said the drivers are working overtime.

And he talked about the recent addition of another truck, saying how helpful it is especially with longer hauls.

Whether or not the Tribe assumes administrative authority over your health services is a BIG DEAL. Here they are: Self-Governance Articles from past Sotas Vol. For more information, contact: Reservation Election Board P. Box 509 Agency Village, SD 57262 or Josie Bertsch: 605-237-4067 Marjory Bissonette: 605-698-8275 Jenny Payne: 605-237-2956 Angie Johnson: 605-467-9737 Fax: 605-698-3055 Dustin Opsal: 605-268-9006 Email: [email protected] Comm/Tribal Council meeting report Good Dakota Crossing report: "…we will far exceed the budget." From notes by Sierra Wolcott Sota Assistant Editor Here are highlights from notes taken of Tribal Council's open session last Wednesday, December 27th, in Council chambers. With the onset of sub-zero cold weather, it is no surprise that at the top of the agenda was fuel delivery to keep Tribal member households warm.

30th The Reservation Election Board has announced the special election to fill the vacant Tribal Secretary post will be held Tuesday, January 30th. According to changes in the Tribe's election code, Tribal members will also register as voters when they come to the District polls to cast their vote.

The discussion gave a chance for Fuel Inc.'s new manager to address Council.