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are you more of a tv person, or do you prefer movies?if that makes her laugh and open up, keep the offbeat questions coming., surprise her and go on the attack right from the issues that she would indeed know about you, but just did not dare to ask them immediately.four things never to ask her or him about on a first date?

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“my favorite question to be asked on a first date is about where i love to travel.

maybe it’s too much for a first date, but it holds a lot of significance for me and would show that someone is actually interested—and curious—about who i am.

most of the time you spend interacting with a girl you just met is spent asking questions that will help you know the girl better.

this was the seventh question, in our list of 21 questions to ask a girl.

more ideas, we asked women for the best questions they’ve ever been asked—or what they wish a guy would ask—on a date.


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