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In the left hand aisle the second altar has Lorenzo Lotto's Saint Nicholas in Glory, with Saints John the Baptist Lucy, painted for the Scuola dei Mercanti in 1529 and still in its original Istrian stone frame.

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The faade, facing onto a narrow canal, was rebuilt in 1735, with its statue group of Tobias, Raphael, the dog and the fish (see below left) dating from this time too, and said to be by Sebastiano Mariani The restoration of the faade in 2004 left it looking like new but lacking, some complained, that certain crumbling charm that it possessed before (see above right).

But the pristine look didn't last, of course, this being Venice.

66m (217 ft) electromechanical bells The 1290 original is visible on Barbari map.

It was damaged by earthquakes in 1347, 14, demolished in 1511 and rebuilt taller in 1520.

The brick faade facing the square and the canal is early Venetian Renaissance and influenced by the work of Codussi.