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Being witty and quick on his toes is also super impressive. Guys get further with me the lower their expectations are on closing the deal. Nikki Leigh: I’m a total guys girl, so I have mostly guy friends and know what they want through conversation and observation.

I don’t want to feel that you’re hitting on me the entire time we are speaking. I love when my male friends hit it off with a fun, attractive woman that I find for them.

Nikki has recently shown her love for movies on her Web Movie Reviews called the Hollywood Fastlane.

She understands first hand the ups and downs of single life; she was there not so long ago.

Online dating, offline dating, hook-ups and set-ups, blind dates, commitment phobia—she’s experienced it all and then some!

The champagne cork has yet to hit the ground since Nikki Leigh kicked off the new year.

This will be a big year for her, beginning with a new calendar, a big film, and a guest appearance on a popular television show. but we’re fairly certain you’d rather hear the news directly from Nikki herself., with Kevin Hart, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco-Sweening. And last but definitely not least, I will be on the Nikki Leigh: I believe true success is when you know yourself so well that you can capitalize on your strengths, while also being able to identify and improve upon any weaknesses.

Hi im new hear and im looking to meet a good looking fun lady that i can enjoi my life with, travel wine and dine and who knows maybe we can marry so if thats you please contact me.


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    Prior to dating theactor, Dobrev was in a relationship with Austin Stowell but after dating about seven months they ended their relationship in February 2016.

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