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It will take all the unconditional love a special dog like Italo can give to force Meno out of his shell, leading him into a series of adventures that will teach him the difference between acting like a grown up and actually becoming one.

Italo is a Golden Retriever who wanders the streets of Sicily while making friends of most but an enemy of those who dislike stray dogs.

Although Mussolini’s aggression was viewed with disfavour by the British, who had a stake in East Africa, the other major powers had no real interest in opposing him.

The story is simple and the scenery beautiful and although I can be quite cynical by nature, I have a weak spot for animals.

The mixture of comedy and drama works well and Italo is one of the best movies of 2014.

Ethiopia (Abyssinia), which Italy had unsuccessfully tried to conquer in the 1890s, was in 1934 one of the few independent states in a European-dominated Africa.

A border incident between Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland that December gave Benito Mussolini an excuse to intervene.

The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks.


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    These tables are sometimes identified with the concept of self, the divine decree, the power of the underlying foundation of all civilization: social institutions, religious practices, technology, and all moral and humane behavior.

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    The Rear Seat rating is derived from the Side Barrier Rear Passenger rating.

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    "If it takes one more day, so be it." He said the TPP countries agreed to suspend controversial provisions from the original TPP deal related to intellectual property.

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