Dating in a small town

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Online dating for rural and small-town settings sounds like a clever idea in principle, but if a potential mate is difficult to find in real life, what would motivate him/her to advertise online?

I don't know, I think online dating is becoming more prevalent.

I live in a small town, so small, I drive 2 hours to go out to a bar, where, hopefully I wont run into anyone I know. Everyone knows everyone, and what you do on Friday night can be fodder for the gossip mill on Monday. My feelings were always, "Talk all you want, I know everything you're up to, as well, and so does everyone else."This is off topic, but #2 is a bonus of being in a small town, I think (although, I guess only when you're raised there, before everyone has already coupled up). More choices just make it easier to be more picky and less realistic.

Recently, my friend and I went on a vacation together..took the same days off work, were out of town for the same length of time. Less choices, in my opinion, means that people aren't going to be waiting around for Mr. No one is ever gong to be 100% perfect 100% of the time, but when people have so many options, it's easy to leave a relationship when the going gets even a little tough, and move on to the next person.

When I lived in my small rural hometown as a young single, I used, the then-functional yahoo personals, OKCupid, etc.