Dating heddon lures by hardware is dating your sister

Original hand-made Lazy Ikes from 1938 to 1945 are valuable and might take an expert to verify authenticity.But Lazy Ike wooden plugs still turn up in garage sales, and on Ebay, some for or less.2) Original Bomber: Bomber still is a famed name in fishing lures, and while they come in many plastic sizes and shapes, the “Original” was shaped much like a “bomb.” Made of wood to dive deep and true, and designed in Oklahoma, some of these great old lures show up frequently, and some sell for as little as on Ebay.3) Heddon Crazy Crawler: This uniquely-designed plug is one of the simplest to identify, and it’s easy to overpay for one, too. Prices vary widely according to lure size, color, hardware and eyes.

Purchasing an old metal tackle box at a garage sale for $10, and discovering a few plugs inside in their original boxes worth $100 per lure can, and does, still happen — particularly in rural, traditional fishing locales, such as Georgia and Florida.

White once had an antique dealer call him and say she had an item that had something to do with fish, but it was made of glass.

Dills was the inventor and received the lure patents. The most popular lure and the most prolific lure was the Pikie. Early models had no marking on the lip, but later models were marked CCBCO and the patent date 9-7-20.

Creek Chub was one of the last companies to use glass eyes in their lures.

For example, one brand-name plug may average selling for $20.