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Hawaii became a “she” – mystical, magical, and hospitable.

Hawaii welcomes you with open arms when you need an escape from your demanding job; she awaits you with a smile, fresh lei, and Mai Tai.

Go ahead, I’ll wait as you sift through your mental images of women in grass skirts, ukuleles, lounging, and lots of leis. Historians estimate that almost 80% of the original Native Hawaiian population died from contact with European diseases. They didn’t tell you about the genocide and illegal takeover in your textbooks.) In 1921, Congress passed the “Hawaiian Homes Commission Act,” which was designed to rehabilitate the Native Hawaiian population and their loss of native lands — by setting aside a whopping 3% of the total land for Native Hawaiians.

Movies and vacation stories do a great job of painting the people of Hawaii as being — striving to do everything with love and respect — is indeed deeply ingrained in Native Hawaiian ideology, and it dates back to a time when Native Hawaiians lived off the land.

However, interviews with older generations of Native Hawaiians revealed that was eventually coopted as a “slang” to drive tourism.

“Native Hawaiian” is defined as a person who is at least 50% Native Hawaiian.

So if you happen to have a blood quantum (yes, that’s what it’s called) of one-quarter, because someone in your family tree loved a non-Hawaiian, you’re not Hawaiian enough. This is land that Native Hawaiians are entitled to — it was stolen from them.

And specifically, how did we come to conflate Asian culture with Native Hawaiian culture?