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"I was so small that they had to bring a wooden box for me to stand on so I could reach the table." When Kassab finished school, he wanted to become a teacher but the owner begged him to stay on and work at the hotel, where they began throwing dinner parties for hundreds of guests.

"I started with two tables, then four, then six, and then eventually they gave me all the tables," he laughs uproariously, wheezing a little.

In the 1920s, dozens of entries from American tourists attest to the hotel's position on the pilgrim trail to Jerusalem.

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He smiles as he recalls his first day of work, during Eid al-Adha of 1954.

"The father of a friend told me to come inside and help in the kitchen," he says.

As of last November, they are being rented out via a boutique hotel company called L'Hote Libanais.

The idea is to offer a more comfortable alternative for guests who find the Palmyra's ancient infrastructure off-putting.

In the entrance of the hotel, there is a huge portrait of Germany's last Emperor and King of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, standing to attention.