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Barris hit pay dirt again the next year with in 1976.Barris didn’t create this show, but he did host it—overseeing a chaotic program that was nominally a talent search, giving contestants 45 seconds to impress a panel of celebrity judges.

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Well, I got out of the kitchen, but I should have stayed in it.”But Barris’s legacy is not tied up in game shows alone. It’s more a case of why someone as successful as Chuck Barris would write that stuff,” he told .)Iconic as he was, Barris was also long dogged by critics who creatively panned him as the King of Schlock, Baron of Bad Taste, and Ayatollah of Trasherola.

He was also an accomplished author with several books under his belt—including the 1984 autobiography in which Barris claimed that while he was making hits for TV, he was also working as a covert C. The labels hurt Barris; “If I died,” he said in that 2003 interview, “I wouldn’t be surprised if an obituary says, ‘Gonged.

Despite their reputation, some hosts become legendary if they have a specific gimmick to them, or they end up coming off as sincerely wanting a contestant to win big.

Since, in most instances, it's not money he's giving away, the host is more or less rooting for the contestant, even if it's only in the back of his mind.

Also, since quiz show hosts know, by necessity, the answer to each question (at least in theory; there are some game shows, like , that don't list the answers on the card), they tend to come off as condescending perhaps unintentionally, but nonetheless.