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Single friends and colleagues were meeting interesting people left and right and striking up passionate romances with people they’d met online.And when dates didn’t work out, they'd tell hilarious stories about the debacle. Five years ago I got divorced, and the gates to that digital-dating domain — more massive and confusing than ever — finally opened up for me.

In the video, Alabama explains how a first date with Auburn would go by poking at a wound that hasn’t fully healed: the collapse at LSU.

“Starts off strong with a nice five-course meal, a bottle of wine, then before you hit dessert, you’re crying alone in the bathroom wondering where it all went wrong.” When asked the same question, here’s what Auburn had to say. Maybe snuggle up on the couch, flip on the Florida State game and watch their signature out-of-conference victory lose every game this season.” That’s just a sample of the back-and-forth between the two.

But if that is what you are after, you must be extra wary of (pardon the expression) who you "get into bed with." As a mature adult you'll need to employ all the healthy skepticism you've built up over the decades, because it's easy on the internet for a person to be economical with the truth, or to tell outright lies about who they are and what they're after. So, lesson number one: believe in nothing until it happens, and no one until you know them.

Emotionally, you need to construct a wall around yourself which nobody can penetrate until you believe it to be safe.

High50's Monica Porter, who dated "dangerously" for a year, shares nine top tips to help protect yourself, including: don't believe anything, be careful who you get into bed with and split the check.


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    This scam involves 'grooming' a potential victim into sending compromising photographs/video to the scammer - In some scams the scammer/thief will, initially, send compromising pictures which he/she will say are of him/her -- these will be stolen from elsewhere Scammer will meet you on a social media site and ask to exchange compromising images.

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    Yet this man pursued an endless dream, a dream in which he could hold her again...