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The move of taking a girl home to mamma is not to be undervalued.

Some Italian boys will profess their love, swear you’re the only one but hide you from their parents and close friends because ultimately you’re nothing but a foreign fling and they don’t want probing questions from their family about their intentions with ‘that girl you brought home for pasta’.

I had one experience where a boy picked me up for an aperitivo, followed by a fashion parade, followed by a trip out to a major party in a villa halfway to Tuscany and after dancing until sunrise I was dropped back home to sleep for two hours before he was back to take me out to his family’s country villa where his father was cooking a traditional lunch.

This type of non-stop action is a heady mix for any girl, let alone an Italophile.

And you know, the first three or four times it really is a beautiful way to spend an evening.