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Since rising house prices are (a) the only thing keeping most middle-aged homeowners from the bread line, and (b) preventing those same homeowners’ children from finding anywhere to live, the topic is unavoidable.But no one likes to hear anyone swank about the lottery-style bonanza they’ve just enjoyed from, say, the sale of their four-bed terraced house in Fulham – especially not if, hypothetically, the listener sold their identical residence in 1993 for a measly £200,000. 20 Don’t reveal what happens at the end of the latest must-watch imported TV drama, just to show that you’ve already seen it abroad, or that you have Netflix or Sky, or a teenage son who knows how to download it illegally for free.

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The host may, in extremis, do this if pestered by enough guests.

But the hostess is at perfect liberty to insist that he and his chums wait until the end of the meal to find out.

Nothing kills conversation faster than pseudo-progressive bores who make a point of being offended by the “inappropriate” attitudes of others and seek to silence them.

These see racism, sexism and homophobia in the most innocent remarks.

I’ve gathered a variety of information from personal experience to share with you.


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    Spacco serves Italian, Pizza cuisine in a stylish space with a casual vibe, plus pool tables & a large, walled patio.

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    Most shy guys have the first hurdle licked with a woman that they are interested in but fall flat on their face at this hurdle.

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    But if I did, I would try to drink some hot ginger […] It’s almost time!