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Brennan's parents left her and her older brother, known as Russ, when she was fifteen. She is not usually (barring a few episodes, such as the Doctor in the Photo) the one to get the most emotionally attached to the cases and/or the people involved.

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In season 8, episode 12 ("The Corpse in the Canopy"), Hodgins' entire fortune is lost because he chooses to save a group of girls in the Middle East from a missile that Pelant electronically locked-on to their school.

Pelant drains Hodgins' bank account to fund himself, and Hodgins chooses to lose his money in order to save the lives of innocents Pelant has targeted.

At the end of Season 4, it is revealed Booth has a brain tumor causing him to hallucinate. Their daughter Christine was born in Season 7 and the couple marry in Season 9.

Later in season 9, after his fighting against a corrupt government group, three corrupt FBI agents are sent to kill him as a warning to the others to stop the investigation.

Angela Montenegro (seasons 1–12) works as a forensic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and is Brennan's best friend.


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