Dating customs in the philipenes

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6) If the foreign citizen lives abroad, he/she needs to obtain a certification from his/her parish that he/she is a parishioner of good standing. 7) Dispensation from the parish priest stating that the party is allowed to marry or has no marriage impediment.

8) If one party is widowed, a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse. Tolete, ***] If one party is divorced or comes from an annulled marriage, the additional documents are required); 1) a declaration of nullity from a competent Catholic Marriage Tribunal or from the Bishop in charge of the residence of the party, to confirm that the said party is free to marry.

A pact like this can be discontinued when one of the betrothed dies or when the parents who entered into such pact, for some reason, severe their ties of friendship.

Also, if one of the parents die, the pact may not be enforced.

5) Wedding Banns — the Filipino party should publish wedding banns in his/her parish church.