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The tackles were ferocious and at one stage there were some fisticuffs and we were down to fourteen a side. Almost rugby league and I wondered to myself: would rugby league lads handle this or are they tougher? I don't mind the shambolic scrums because their game is a passing and handling feast.

The bravery taking the ball into contact at full speed is admirable, and their ability to spot an overlap shows a vision that not many union players possess. For instance does it mean anything that more countries have adopted rugby union or is that a quirk of its slightly more public school background?

You can still see Wigan's three breathtaking tries on You Tube. I prefer real scrums and I like lineouts so it's union for me. Right, what excuse can I drag up for Sunday nights?

Rugby Leagues advancement was also partly held back by the ridiculous position of the IRB to ban any player who dared give it a go. Even playing RL on an RU pitch could 'professionalise' the pitch! This led to RL struggling to gain any foothold in universities and the armed forces for example.

I went to Wigan v Bath at Twickenham in 1996, but it wasn't a fair contest.


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