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For some couples, they are called to not kiss before their wedding date as a testimony for others or it is just a personal preference, like Christian singer Moriah Peters, for example.

For others, it may be that they don’t want to be emotionally attached and want to guard their heart, just like the Word of God says.

Do any of you know what the Bible says about kissing? This is a great question and I am glad this PI Girl asked about this.

It is interesting because there is not a specific scripture that I am aware of that states you are not allowed to kiss before marriage, but there are plenty of Bible verses that discuss guarding your heart and purity (Proverbs ).

I agree that it is wise, especially if you are not exclusive with a guy, to not kiss him, because sometimes you can end up feeling heartbroken if the relationship does not last. You may want to also examine your heart to see if you are kissing out of love or lust, because God tells us that lust is sinful, whereas love with someone who God joined you with wouldn’t be.