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If your girlfriend regularly loses herself in ten-hour Netflix marathons of then I can do ten hours of gaming!

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Does your boyfriend go out of his way to make people feel better rather than worse in social situations?

If there’s a need, is your significant other someone who is often the first to step up?

But once the marriage settles into routine, many men go right back to the easy sexual fix. Just be wary of a man who has never found any freedom in this area for any significant period of time.

High speed internet pornography will literally re-wire your man’s brain, affecting how he gets aroused and his ability to handle that arousal. There’s a huge difference between marrying a man who has some accountability in place, people he talks to, and long stretches of obedience, and yet still occasionally stumbles and someone who has never been able to live without porn for any appreciable length of time.

Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, but less to change instead of examining their own heart to see what they need to change. A proud person will choose to live where he/she wants to live.