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But if you're interested in what the opposite sex is interested in, the data will guide your decision making!

When polled on a date's hair do: short or long hair, the majority of male respondents (96%), nearly 100% said they prefer women with long hair. We've heard the saying 'blondes have more fun,' but do they really? When asked which color nape the voters prefer, the majority of men (60%) and women (69%) both said they prefer brunette's over blondes.

It’s not like there’s some systematic outline for what's beautiful and what isn’t.

When asked which of the two is worse to discuss on a first date, male and female respondents disagree.

More male respondents (52%) say religion and more female respondents (52%) say politics.

The majority of females (79%) prefer men with buzz cuts vs. If you have the swagger, you can pull any look off!

have the prettiest faces among all women in Europe.

With roles changing nowadays, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if the girl reached out to the guy. When polled, the majority of men (69%) and women (62%) both said the man should reach out vs. The votes were nearly identical, with just a slight upper hand on the women side who felt it'd be okay for women to reach out (38% vs. Regardless of who reaches out, let's hope the date the good enough for a call back either way! Tell us in the comments and download Wishbone and Slingshot apps to be a part of our next poll!