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A modern, gay re-telling of the Pygmalion story that explores the dynamics of relationships, and touches on themes such as love, loyalty, infidelity, marriage, class and art.

One act: 110 minutes 4M: two early 20s, two middle-age The Lavender Railroad The play in two parts is set in a dystopian world in which homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

The parts mirror each other (science and faith; male and female) as they address common themes of hope and redemption in the face of impossible moral choices.

Part 1 - Safe House A gay fugitive, Sebastian, has been rescued by a mysterious older man who calls himself Mother Courage.

Though a serious drama, which explores Kevins moral and psychological growth, the play is also a great Halloween spectacle, with atmospheric lighting and a vampire motif. Won the 2008 Saints & Sinners Playwriting Contest, and was a finalist in the Independent Publishers Book Awards.