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We're not sure what makes Corey a celebrity, as opposed to just a highly-regarded chef, but we're guessing at some point, he popped up on the weird Canadian version of claims that there was a period of overlap, in which Meghan was hooking up with, if not dating, both dudes at the same time.

According to those in the know, Meghan met Harry in May of 2016, when he traveled to Toronto to promote the Invictus Games.

Lee says a partner may be sharing personal information about you or your marriage with someone else, which would make them grow closer to the person they are emotionally cheating with.

Online, this is easy to do through messages or even just simple interactions on social media platforms.

Whether you've been in a relationship for a few months or a few years (or longer), finding out that your partner hasn't been faithful can be one of the most difficult things for anyone to experience. Martha Tara Lee, a clinical sexologist (DHS, MA, BA) and founder of Eros Coaching, says an emotional affair, like a physical affair, is about betrayal: The word 'affair' already implies secrecy, deception of the partner and betrayal.