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I would like to thank Bohdan Krawchenko of CIUS for his help and encouragement, and Khrystia Kohut for her as- sistance in typing various materials. The Soviet authorities, who had not divulged any news about the accident two days after the event slowly be- gan to release information. Western press agencies be- gan to speculate, sometimes wildly, about what had taken place and the number of casualties that may result.

The book was completed with the fi- nancial assistance of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), University of Alberta. The accident in the northern reaches of Ukraine received world attention as soon as the radiation cloud that re- sulted drifted over Scandinavia.

Thus in some sections, where specialized technical information is required, he has been obliged to rely on the information of scientists in the field.

The volume cannot provide a definitive account of either the Soviet nuclear power industry or of the Chernobyl disaster in particular. Its aim is rather to elucidate some of the important issues; to show how the disaster affected Soviet thinking; and to look at its impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.

Second, has the speed with which the industry is being de- veloped led to the neglect of the safety of citizens and the environment?


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