Dating after divorce web series

KH: We call it the adult version of our conversation.

Jen Smedley: I think the thing we’re constantly astounded by is how everyone is dealing with the same stuff just sort of in varying degrees. I think a great example of what we’re talking about is when we did “swimsuits” [a video about impractical swimsuits].

We got a message on Facebook the other day from someone who had been at the live show and she summed it up very nicely by saying that “the thunderous laughter when you guys say things is our way of saying ‘me too.’” It’s amazing that we’ve all been dealing with this probably from the cavemen times and nobody’s told the mom story. When we got to the page, there was a woman who posted a picture of herself and she posted that she was [size] XXL.

Your videos have tackled everything about being a woman and a mother today, and I’m sure you’ve gotten feedback.

How has doing the videos given you more insight into yourselves and how other moms are coping with daily life?

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