Sex deat n chat delhi app - Dating after a controlling relationship

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Does it seem like he gets mad when you make a big decision without his input? Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you can't think for yourself.

Don't let your BF make you feel like you can't do things without getting his OK first. It's also really emotionally abusive, which is basically what controlling is.

Your BF getting super jealous of everything you do or anyone you talk to could really mean that he's just angry that you have a life that doesn't always involve him. Source: Shutter Stock Do you feel like you have to call your boyfriend to ask for his opinion anytime you're trying to decide on anything?

Do you feel like you can't wear a certain dress without asking him what he thinks first?

This might be the biggest sign of a controlling boyfriend - that he doesn't want you to do anything when he's not involved.