Dating a minor in illinois

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Moreover, there are laws in Illinois that cover the obvious sex-related crimes against vulnerable minors.

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We've just been a good couple, but her parents are ruining alot with all of the Fighting between them going on. I know that there's a law somewhere that says, Kissing is legal as long as its under 5 years. But, for example: The accused commits criminal sexual abuse if he or she commits an act of sexual penetration or sexual conduct with a victim who was at least 13 years of age but under 17 years of age and the accused was less than 5 years older than the victim.

She hates living with them because they care less about her and more about the Younger Siblings. I heard from some people that 17 Is the legal age to make decisions now. So, as I understand it, if you have sexual contact (which granted, is more than an innocent kiss, but actual penetration is not required) with her, then its criminal sexual abuse.

Find a Local Family Law Attorney for Your Legal Needs There are several age-related rules and restrictions in most state laws, often to protect minors, but your particular situation may be more complicated and require professional legal help.