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On 1 January, the United States issued a report on the aggregate numbers of strategic offensive arms possessed by the U. On 1 April, the United States released a report on the aggregate numbers of strategic offensive arms in the US and Russian arsenals.

The number of United States deployed nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles continue to fall, whereas Russian stockpiles of warheads have increased by 87 since the January 2016 report.

The New START Treaty is composed of three tiers of increasing levels of detail: the Treaty text, the Protocol to the Treaty, and the Technical Annexes. The Treaty Text and Protocol contain the basic rights and obligations of the Treaty.

There will be no continuous perimeter and portal monitoring at missile production facilities, but Parties must provide notification within 48 hours of any treaty-limited item leaving a production facility.

View an article by article analysis of the Treaty and its Protocol and annexes.

Upon entry into force of the New START Treaty, the 2002 Moscow Treaty will be terminated.

The aggregate limits of the Treaty restrict the United States and Russia to 1,550 deployed strategic warheads each.

On 28 January, President Trump and President Putin spoke by phone for the first time since Trump’s election.