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This last May, I was instrumental in setting up a meeting between some Hindu Sanskrit scholars and the Caddo Indian tribe. Several other Amerindian tribes are also contacting me about these matters. Matlock Hi Gene, nice to hear from you and to get some insights into the way you approach your research.Mark had better get busy and save "their poor lost souls" before any more find out about their Hindu origins. I've tried to tell Mark pretty much the same thing about my association with "linguistics".

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He has also accused me of using 18th century ideas about linguistics. The world will remember Edward Pococke, Sir William Jones, L. Waddell, Godfrey Higgins and others for as long as the world stands.

The 17th century orientalist and linguist, Edward Pococke, has well earned for himself a permanent place in history.

I don't claim to have any expertise in deciphering scripts or recognising distinct, borrowed words within the Malayo-Polynesian language families or in any ancient languages further afield.

I've referred Mark to others who claimed some expertise in this area but have not advanced any opinions based on personal research, as it's not an area I dabble with.

A few years ago my colleague, Gary Cook, was in contact with a representative of the Tainui people, who had the assignment of going to the museum and identifying artefacts found within the traditional region of her Iwi.